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Hand-held robotic arm


The hand-held manipulator is a fully open source robot operating platform with excellent performance, with six classic morphological deformations; complete secondary development, supporting ROS, matlab simulation, C++, Python and other programming; simple and easy to use, allowing users to get better Robot experience. The end tools of the robotic arm can be replaced according to user needs. Except for the metal connectors, other skeletons of the body can be 3D printed.


Software and hardware are all open source
Provide a full set of open source software, CAD drawings, hardware assembly drawings and public resources for development. The source code of all application examples in the initial form is provided, and the user can also start using it with zero basis.
Consumer grade price, industrial grade performance
0.2mm control accuracy, 46RPM speed, 0.7kg dead weight, low cost, high repeatability, maximum payload is 500g.
Perfect secondary development support
Complete SDK and open communication protocol, support: ROS, Matlab, C++, Python, Processing, ARDUINO, STM32, multiple iterative upgrades of software and hardware, long-term software maintenance and update, and can be easily integrated into mobile robots.
Rich hardware expansion
Modular assembly, six forms of deformation, the end can be replaced with pen sleeves, vacuum suction cups, etc. as needed. It can easily realize functions such as visual sorting, multi-arm collaboration, writing and drawing.
Multiple control methods
Keyboard, handle, drag RVIZ, Processing, etc., memory learning (teaching reproduction), master-slave control, remote control.

Technical index

Technical parameters

technical parameter


Dynamixel XM430-W350-T

Input voltage

12 V

Degree of freedom

5 (4 revolute joints + 1 gripper)

Maximum load

500 g


±0.2 mm

Maximum joint speed

46 RPM


0.7 kg

Reachable range

380 mm

Arm length

479 mm

Claw stroke

20~75 mm


TTL level multipoint bus

Software support

ROSDynamixel SDK、Arduino、Processing

Main controller


Aluminum base

300*300*10 mm

Lithium battery

3400 mA

Experiment box

310*310*230 mm

Configure a custom platform. Explore all accessories.

Intel D435 depth camera

U2D2 and power board


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