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Xuanwu 2

The "Xuanwu 2" unmanned driving platform of the LIUSHU CHEKU is designed by Wuhan Jingtian Electric Co., Ltd. for the experimental teaching needs of robot-related majors in major universities across the country. The Xuanwu 2's on-board computer, GPS, IMU, depth camera, multi-line lidar and ROS system are integrated, showing a distinctive automation capability. Create a wireless connection via Bluetooth and wifi, and work immediately as soon as it is turned on. The chassis is entirely made of lightweight aluminum alloy and provides IP65 protection when the main bulkhead is sealed. The high-torque 4x4 drive system gives the car a strong traction. At the same time, it has enough vehicle power to cross obstacles or loose terrain. The custom-made top plate can replace the payload, and Xuanwu 2 is compatible with many robot accessories, which can quickly assist users in research and development. In addition, the use of ROS and API allows users to obtain full visibility of the Xuanwu 2 operation.


Environmental monitoring
Xuanwu 2 is equipped with remote control operation or outdoor autonomous applications. The weatherproof and robust chassis is ideal for environmental monitoring.
Laboratory teaching tools
Xuanwu No. 2 is light, compact and easy to program-it is a perfect platform to assist teaching and excite students.
Perception and navigation
The user’s research work is facilitated with the help of cameras, GPS and laser packages, all of which come with archived memory and programming examples.
Multi-robot system
Xuanwu 2 is designed as a scalable and open architecture, making it an ideal platform for testing and developing multi-robot systems.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Outside size



Maximum speed


operation hours



78,000 pulses/m (orthogonal)

Depth camera measurement range

Up to 10 meters


Ethernet, USB 3.0, RS232, IEEE 1394



Maximum linear acceleration





Control mode

Open loop/wheel speed/motion command

16-line lidar

Measuring distance ≥100 meters

user power

5V @ 5A;12V @ 10A;24V @ 20A

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