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4th generation ROS mobile grabbing robot


Xuanwu 1 is a mobile grabbing robot development kit based on ROS. Its base is based on the Turtlebot4 Smart Edition, which integrates a 5-degree of freedom fully open source robotic arm, anti-collision sensors, fall sensors, infrared sensors, 360 degree LiDAR, binocular depth vision cameras, and more. Standard industrial control platform and AI experimental operation platform, can install ROS2.0 with one click, built-in 3 mapping modes, 4 navigation algorithms, including group control software for less than 101 cars, AI neural network calculation, and support campus network cloud remote control software and automatic data generation system for students. It provides experimental tutorials and courseware for professional courses such as computer, artificial intelligence, surveying, remote sensing, telecommunications, automation, robot engineering, etc. Assist university teachers in easily carrying out teaching and research work.


Fusion of multimodal perception technology
Chassis Creat@3 Built in anti collision sensors, anti fall sensors, infrared sensors, etc. Configure a 360 degree LiDAR. Configure OAK binocular depth camera, provide AI neural network calculation, up to 4T computing power, achieve object pose estimation, object detection, recognition and tracking, human/gesture recognition, 3D semantic segmentation, feature point tracking, face recognition, etc.
High torque 5-degree of freedom robotic arm
Lightweight robotic arm based on ROS open-source platform. Using Dynamixel high torque servo, TTL communication mode, hardware CAD model open and downloadable, supporting: current control mode, speed control mode, position control mode (0-360 [°]), extended position control mode (multi turn), current based position control mode, PWM control mode (voltage control mode).
Built in AI experimental operation platform software
This software includes mobile robot professional course courseware, which can install ROS2 with one click. The software has 3 built-in mapping modes, 4 navigation algorithms, and includes group control software for 101 cars or less. It also includes campus network cloud remote control software and student usage data automatic generation system to assist university teachers in easily carrying out teaching work.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Robot degrees of freedom




Repetitive positioning accuracy of robotic arm

± 0.2mm

Maximum joint speed


Power battery

Automatic docking of charging stations (iRobot ® Home Base ™)

360 ° LiDAR

RPLIDAR-A1 (detection distance 0.15-12m, 8kHz sampling rate, 1 ° angle resolution)

Base integrated sensor

2 * Front bumper area, 2 * Wheel encoder, 4 * Infrared cliff sensor, 6 * Infrared obstacle avoidance sensor, 1 * Downward optical flow sensor for odometer, 1 * 3D gyroscope, 1 * 3D accelerometer, 1 * Battery level monitor



Maximum Speed


Clamping stroke


Arm extension


Work environment

-10~40 ° C

Run time


Binocular depth camera

12 million pixels, measurement range 0.2-19.1m, interface USB3.0,

RGB camera resolution 13MP (4208 * 3120)

Binocular camera resolution 480P (640 * 480)

AI experimental cloud operation platform

Built in 3 mapping modes, 4 navigation algorithms, including group control software for less than 101 small cars

Built-in functional modules (QR code scanning, inspection, wall inspection, line inspection, 3D simulation)

One click operation function: one click exit, one click return, keyboard control, and quick switching of robot individuals/groups

Configure a custom platform. Explore all accessories.

SLAM Sand Table

Optional indoor home simulation scene sand table, with a size of 4 * 4 meters

Xuanwu No.1- Course courseware

Taking 3 years to continuously update the course courseware of mobile grabbing robots

Xuanwu No.1- Router 5G IoT Card

Optional router and 5G IoT card


Xuanwu No.1 can be equipped with Jingtian Cloud, including cloud, robot, and user (student, teacher) terminals. Built in Beidou high-precision positioning algorithm, intelligent PNT key technology, AI algorithm, supporting remote remote operation of campus network

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