We are looking for smart and enthusiastic team members. < br / >. Let's live hard and work happily together.

Welfare and allowance!

Dynamic environment

Our mission is to serve university users, who are better than us. We collaborate with excellent teams to solve interesting problems in an innovative environment.

Work-life balance

2 weeks off during winter vacation, and up to 2 weeks off during summer vacation based on seniority.


Anxious to learn about the latest industry negotiations? Attend the industry conference of your choice, and we will bear the cost.

Career Development

Those who can do more work, those who work more. If you demand high standards from yourself, your salary will increase significantly.


Everyone who works at Jingtian more than 5 years owns a part of Jingtian, allowing every employee to share our long-term success.

Open source

We love open source (ROS, OpenCV, Gazebo, Ubuntu, etc.).

Health benefits

We provide regular physical examination in Tongji Hospital every year, play badminton regularly every Wednesday, and provide snacks and drinks.

Open workspace

Our office is a creative open space designed to inspire team culture and real-time communication.


Having the quality of lifelong learning. People with even higher starting points will be eliminated by society if they stop learning.

Half-day birthday

Take a break in the afternoon and buy something special for yourself, or go back the next morning!

Flexible working hours

We are not a typical nine-to-five company. We work hard and focus on delivering results instead of looking at time.

And more...

We have a corporate discount plan to help you save money on everything from travel, hotels, clothing, gyms, etc.

Do you want to learn a lot of knowledge, work with incredible people and make a big impact?
We are looking for smart and enthusiastic team members, let us live seriously and work happily together.

Donghu Robot Laboratory, 2nd Floor, Baogu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center,Wuhan City,Hubei Province,China

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