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Unitree G1

Unitree G1

G1 Edu is an open-source model of the Unitree humanoid robot G1 series aimed at educational users. The G1-Edu humanoid robot is designed with lightweight materials, with an overall height of 127cm and a weight of approximately 35kg. It has 23 to 43 degrees of freedom (which can be increased or decreased according to needs), and its walking posture is light and stable. The entire machine has hollow joint wiring and no external cables. The peak torque of the core motion module reaches 120N · m, and the fastest speed can reach 2m/s. In addition to LiDAR and depth camera, it is also equipped with a 3-finger force control dexterous hand (optional accessories for installing a multi-point tactile array).


Strong stability
The walking and balance of the G1 Edu humanoid robot are completed through autonomous calculation without human intervention. Even after being subjected to violent impact, it can quickly adjust its posture and maintain body balance.
Super flexible
The G1 humanoid robot is 1.27 meters tall, weighs 35kg, has a large joint movement angle space, and 23 to 43 joint motors. A single leg has 6 degrees of freedom, a single arm has 5 degrees of freedom, and a waist has 1+degrees of freedom (2 additional waist degrees of freedom can be selected).
Imitation+reinforcement learning driven
Embark on a new era of intelligent agents. G1 is equipped with an 8-core high-performance CPU, featuring WiFi6 and Bluetooth 5.2. Support secondary development and intelligent OTA upgrades. Optional NVIDIA Jetson Orin
Low energy consumption, super endurance
In terms of battery life, the G1 humanoid robot is equipped with a lithium battery, which can be quickly disassembled and installed, meeting the continuous 2-hour battery life. The walking posture is light and stable, and the walking speed can reach 2m/s.
Configure force control dexterous hands
G1 is equipped with a three finger dexterous hand. Seven degrees of freedom for one hand (three for the thumb, two for the index finger, and two for the middle finger. Two wrist degrees of freedom can be added, and a multi-point tactile array can be purchased). Combined with force position hybrid control, sensitive and reliable. It can simulate human hands to achieve precise operation of objects.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Height, Width and Thickness(Stand)


Total Degrees of Freedom(Joint Freedom)


Single Arm Degrees of Freedom


Maximum Torque of Knee Joint


Calf + Thigh Length


Extra Large Joint Movement Space

Waist z-axis joint:±155°

Knee joint:0~165°

Hip joint:P±154°、R-30~+170°、Y±158°

Joint Encoder

Dual encoder

Weight (With Battery)

About 35kg+

Single Leg Degrees of Freedom


Waist Degrees of Freedom

1+(Optional 2 additional waist degrees of freedom)

Single Hand Degrees of Freedom

7(Optional Force control of three-fingered hand)+2(Optional 2 additional wrist degrees of freedom)

*Three-fingered dexterous hand Dex3-1 Parameter: The thumb has 3 active degrees of freedom; the index finger has 2 active degrees of freedom; the middle finger has 2 active degrees of freedom.

**Dex3-1 can optionally be installed with tactile sensor arrays

Arm Maximum Load

About 3Kg

Arm Span

About 0.45M

Full Joint Hollow Electrical Routing


Basic Computing Power

8-core high-performance CPU

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