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ROBOTIQ Series gripper


Robotiq was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Quebec, Canada. As a spin-off of Laval University in Canada, Robotiq produces equipment to perform tasks that usually require dexterous human hands. Robotiq's tools and know-how simplifies the application of collaborative robots, and the factory produces more efficiently. The company produces "fixtures" that can be used to pick and place components or products on an assembly line, as well as sensors, camera technology, and software that bundles everything together. Robotiq provides plug-and-play components for collaborative robots, even if you don’t have any robotics background, it is easy to use.


Robotiq Three finger gripper
The 3-finger adaptive gripper is very suitable for UR. It can be installed on a UR robotic arm in a matter of minutes, and our Griipper UR+ makes its configuration and programming fast and intuitive. With the force, position and speed control of each finger and 4 different gripping modes, the three-finger gripper can pick up almost anything. Make power control easy. Enter the task parameters, click play, and then execute your application. Access applications that require force and torque feedback through Force Copilot's intuitive programming interface. The wrist camera can be easily integrated and an adaptive gripper can be inserted to increase the flexibility of your robot. Provides flexibility and reliability for assembly, insertion, pick and place, and machine maintenance applications.
Robotiq Hand-E Parallel gripper
Hand-E's high precision and 50 mm parallel stroke make it ideal for precision assembly tasks, while its sealed design ensures reliability in the most difficult manufacturing conditions (including CNC machining). The design of Hand-E follows the ISO/TS 15066 standard, with maximum force, smooth edges, self-locking function and other functions, making it a gripper for collaborative robots.
Robotiq FT300 Torque sensor
The measurement results have the advantages of accuracy, repeatability and high resolution. Using rigid metal design and wear-free sensing technology to ensure high precision and repeatability measurement.
Robotiq 2F-85/2F-140 Two-finger gripper
Just adjust the position, speed and force of the gripper until it grabs your object perfectly. When the 2F-85 or 2F-140 adaptive gripper is used in combination with the Robotiq wrist camera, parts can be found and selected without the use of clamps or fixtures. Use Force Copilot with a gripper to program repeatable positioning of parts in CNC fixtures and precise insertion assembly tasks. Use multiple grippers on the same robot to reduce cycle time. Simplify cable management by attaching dual clamps directly to the robot's wrist!
Robotiq Wrist CameraWrist camera
There are three flexible methods for simple part teaching, including importing CAD files to ensure the best model. Even under various background and lighting conditions, it can ensure continuous detection of objects. Use the wrist camera to find the correct position, and use the Robotiq FT 300 force torque sensor and 2-finger gripper to insert it accurately and gently. Adjust the focus and built-in lighting of the application, and optimize settings for teaching and runtime conditions. Integrating the wrist camera with Robotiq 2 finger grippers can unlock more applications without relying on additional cables or mounting plates.

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