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6D force feedback teleoperation manipulator

Virtuose 6D

Virtuose 6D is a force feedback system with 6 degrees of freedom, specially designed for virtual reality working environment. Due to its large working space and high bearing capacity, it can be interactively simulated with CAD models. Especially suitable for the following scientific research: ergonomics analysis, physical interaction research, assembly simulation, project inspection, remote operation, gesture operation. Application areas: ergonomics analysis, functional testing, assembly/disassembly, working environment simulation, operator training, Medical training, remote surgery, etc.


Development tools (API) can support major operating systems
It has been proven that the plug-in modules can be used to be compatible with the main application software currently on the market, such as Vortex™, Havok™, ODE, 3DVIA Virtools™, Catia™ V5, Delmia™ V5, Solidworks, ESI/ICIDO, H3D, OpenMask, WorldViz Vizard, Classic Jack, etc are compatible with ART, Vicon, Motion Analysis trajectory tracking systems.
Large operating space
It is equivalent to the operating space of the forearm of the human body, and the force feedback effect can be presented in all 6 degrees of freedom (3 translations, 3 rotations). Length of each cantilever: 500 mm.
High capacity
Maximum force load: 31N (continuous force 8.5N), which is enough to simulate the handling of heavy objects. Maximum rotating force load: 3.1Nm (continuous force 1Nm), which is enough to simulate large-scale virtual objects with two hands.
High precision
Accurate measurement compensation for the weight of the equipment itself. It is light in weight and can be transported without special equipment.
Interactive simulation with CAD model
Modular end effector with programmable switch. The VIRTUOSE 6D handle is equipped with a warning sensor. When the user does not hold the handle in the hand, or as long as the handle is released, the mechanical motor will be shut down immediately and no active activity will be generated to ensure safe operation.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Number of arm joints

6 joints

Typical TCP speed of robotic arm

1 m/s

Gripper stroke


Accuracy of the gripper


Maximum load-bearing force


Continuous torque (rotation)

1 N.m

Maximum control stiffness (rotation)

30 Nm /rad

Joint rotation range


Robotic arm load

10 kg

Repeated positioning accuracy of robotic arm

±0.05 mm

Gripper load

5 kg

Manipulation space


Maximum torque (rotation)

3.1 N.m

Maximum control stiffness (translation)

1800 N / m~8000N / m

Number of keys—3

(2 programmable)

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