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Doosan Cooperative Manipulator M Series


Doosan M series is the most outstanding cooperative manipulator of Doosan Group in Korea. M series is the acronym of the English word Masterpiece. The theme of this series is to adhere to the highest configuration of high-end collaborative manipulator, and has superior performance and high cost performance among similar products. M series is mainly composed of mechanical arm, controller, PC programming software and emergency stop button. High performance 6-axis torque sensor enables precise operation, the top horizontal collision sensitivity of 0.2N provides the highest safety, and the repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.05mm (model: M1013). It is mainly used for fine work and medical scenes in the industrial field.


M+ Safty
Equipped with six high-performance torque sensors, it can not only sense subtle changes in external forces, but also achieve strict safety through the industry's highest level of collision sensitivity
M+Force Control
High performance torque sensor, realizing high force control technology&compliance control technology capable of meticulous and delicate operation
The intelligent installation function can automatically measure the inclination angle, tool position and weight, which can be quickly installed and put into operation immediately

Technical index

Technical parameters

Payload (M1509)


Weight (M1509)


I/O power


Reachable range (M1509)


Tool performance (M1509)


Installation position

Any direction

Configure a custom platform. Explore all accessories.

IP * reinforced AC steel controller (CS-01P)

Waterproof and shockproof electrical enclosure.

DC controller (CS-02)

DC controller and AC controller are optional, which are better suitable for integration on AGV trolley to solve power supply and communication problems.


With the Doosan robot user program DART Platform, various robot programming and operation can also be realized on PC. To install and use DART Platform, a separate PC is required.


With DART Studio's simulation and offline programming functions, various robot programs can be quickly written in PC. To install and use DART Studio, a separate PC is required.

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