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Doosan Cooperative Manipulator A Series


A series is a new cooperative manipulator launched by Doosan group in Korea. A series is the acronym of the English word Almighty. The theme of this series is a simple and easy-to-use universal type, and has superior performance and high cost performance in similar products. A series is mainly composed of manipulator, controller, PC programming software and emergency stop button. Through the optimal layout and system integration of the mobile body platform and Doosan manipulator, more intelligent and universal robot flexible task solutions can be realized, such as explosive disposal of dangerous goods, cargo handling, product sorting, investigation of replacing people to dangerous locations, smart agriculture greenhouse breeding, smart automobile factory, smart logistics transportation, etc. at the same time, they can also be used in teaching and scientific research, It includes human robot interaction, robot learning, compliant manipulation, remote operation, dual arm cooperation, robotic grasping and multi-modal collaborative assembly.


Support ros2 0 system, which is the first in the world to have ros2 0 package's cooperative manipulator. DC control cabinet can be selected to facilitate integration with mobile platform.
Unique cockpit software, one click drag teaching. Unique dart software, offline programming, simulation and online physical operation. Only one computer is needed to control multiple robot devices (including manipulator, car, end gripping, camera, etc.) at the same time in the same software environment.
6 degrees of freedom, of which the maximum joint speed of 4 / 5 / 6 is 2 times faster than that of similar products, and the ratio of speed to acceleration is 1:2. Based on the technical strength of Doosan group, build a high-performance robot to achieve the highest speed and acceleration in the industry.
The force control accuracy is 10 times higher than that of similar products, and the measurement accuracy is 2 times higher. According to the requirements of different scenarios, high-performance sensors can be equipped to perform complex and high-precision tasks
Safety ple and Cat4 have the highest safety level and are equipped with 18 safety functions. Make up for the defects of current feedback and ensure the safety of staff through a variety of safety functions and flexible applications. It is the only cooperative manipulator in the world that has passed the ul1740 certification of the United States.
A+Industrial Aesthetics
Only the green flexible fuselage and the base ring light indicate the state. Four different ring lights represent four different states: normal, stop, sleep and danger. In different seating systems, it supports teaching functions such as fixed axis and fixed plane.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Number of manipulator joints


Working radius


Joint range

±[360 360 160 360 360 360 ]°

Flange interface

Digital in 2,out 2,RS-485

End force sensor FTS


Gear and encoder


Safety class / safety certificate

Safety level:STO,EMG:PLe Cat.4,SIL3,(A+)

Other functions:PLd Cat.3,SIL2。

Security certificate:ISO 13849-1,ISO10218-1,UL1740(A+)



Repeated positioning accuracy of manipulator


Dead weight of mechanical arm / control cabinet


Joint velocity

[180 180 180 360 360 360 ]°/s

I / O power supply

DC12 V/DC 24V/Max.3A



OLP software

Dart studio offline programming software (a +)

Safety function


Configure a custom platform. Explore all accessories.

IP * reinforced AC steel controller (CS-01P)

Waterproof and shockproof electrical enclosure.

DC controller (CS-02)

DC controller and AC controller are optional, which are better suitable for integration on AGV trolley to solve power supply and communication problems.


With the Doosan robot user program DART Platform, various robot programming and operation can also be realized on PC. To install and use DART Platform, a separate PC is required.


With DART Studio's simulation and offline programming functions, various robot programs can be quickly written in PC. To install and use DART Studio, a separate PC is required.

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