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Beidou ROS Development Board


Beidou ROS Robot Intelligent Terminal is a ROS-based robot technology development board developed by the Research Center of Satellite Navigation and Positioning Technology of Wuhan University and Wuhan Jingtian Electric Co., Ltd. A core terminal that integrates perception, planning, and control, which is mainly developed for the scientific research robot and teaching robot market, has the characteristics of high integration of hardware and flexible customization of software. The hardware integrates centimeter-level Beidou/GPS positioning, vision/radar sensors, GPU deep learning computing and Dynamixel servo motor controllers and other functional modules, and realizes the robot's Beidou coordinated precision positioning, autonomous navigation path planning, and visual tracking in software. Recognition and other core technologies provide users with basic software and hardware support for ROS-based development.


GPU processing system uses NVIDIA Jetson TX2 module
All in one
The main control unit and the slave control unit are integrated on a development board, including the ARM main processor + STM32 coprocessor
High-precision positioning
The device integrates single and dual-frequency high-precision Beidou/GPS positioning modules and integrated inertial navigation modules
Multi-interface open
Equipped with Net, TTL/RS485, CAN, Beidou/GPS positioning antenna interface, HDMI interface, M.2 interface, 4 USB2.0, 1 USB3.0, rich interfaces provide unlimited possibilities for system expansion and development

Technical index

Technical parameters



Jetson TX2


Dual-core Denver 2 64-bit CPU and 4-core ARM A57 Complex


8 GB 128-bit LPDDR4


32 GB

Intelligent high-precision positioning and navigation

Navigation UBLOX Module


MPU9250 inertial sensor

Peripheral interface

Net, TTL/RS-485, CAN, Beidou/GPS positioning antenna interface


Logic Unit 570

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