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Onrobot Series gripper

HEX Sensor/3FG15/RG2-FT等

Collaborative applications are the next step in automation. They can facilitate rapid deployment, easy replacement, and work safely with human employees. OnRobot provides a complete set of innovative plug-and-play solutions for collaboration applications. Electric grippers, force/torque sensors, vacuum grippers, award-winning Gecko technology and tool changers can help users get all the advantages of automation, including ease of use, cost-effectiveness and safety with labor. The product portfolio makes tasks such as automation, packaging, quality control, material handling, machine maintenance, stacking, assembly and surface treatment faster and easier. As the purchase and implementation of robots becomes easier, tools have become an important element for adapting to multiple applications. No matter what the robot brand is, OnRobot has unparalleled compatibility and versatility.


Flexible gripper
With certified food-grade soft grippers, explore new possibilities for automation in food and beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Flexible silicone molded gripper that can easily handle a variety of irregular shapes and delicate items. Safely handle fragile and delicate items, improve production quality and reduce waste. No need for external air supply, no dust, no noise, easy operation and no additional cost.
RG2/RG6 Jaws
Flexible grippers can be used for various part sizes and shapes. The plug-and-play design reduces deployment time from one day to one hour. Easy deployment with out-of-the-box grippers, programming time can be reduced by 70%.
RG2-FT Holder
Precise sensing function can improve production quality and reduce the defect rate of precision pick and place process by 60%. The easy-to-program sensing function allows the robot to operate like an operator's third hand, with a real-life way of transferring parts. It can automatically perform insertion tasks, complete tasks that could not be done before, and reduce operating costs by 40%.
3FG15Three finger gripper
Flexible production, large stroke range, CNC machine tool management for multiple parts sizes can be optimized through a single three-finger fixture. Precise centering will promote higher quality, consistency and output, and only requires a small amount of programming. The strong and stable grip and 3-point contact make it easier to redeploy quickly and easily, suitable for multiple processes. Customizable fingertips can do more work, flexibly grasp parts of various sizes and shapes.
HEX6 Axial Force/Torque Sensor
Flexible sensors extend the possibilities of automation to processes that were previously impossible. High-precision sensor technology can provide 95% higher quality in insertion and assembly tasks. Simple programming can start or even run complex polishing tasks in less than a day.
OnRobot Eyes
OnRobot Sander
易于部署和编程,开箱即用,适用于砂光、磨光和抛光。整套程序包包含一切需要立即使用的一系列零件和材料。快速、自动化砂光 Grit Changer,减少停机时间和劳动力。电动工具(无压缩空气),提高效率和控制。

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HEX-E QC 技术规格


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Eyes/Sander 技术规格


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