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Mobile dual-arm communion robot


Through the optimized arrangement and system integration of Clearpath Ridgeback UGV and Baxter manipulators, a more intelligent and versatile robot flexible task solution is realized. The load of the Ridgeback unmanned vehicle of Canada Clearpath Company can reach 100kg, and the robotic arm can be equipped with the Baxter dual-arm collaborative robot of Risenco for human-computer interaction, indoor handling and sorting, dual-arm collaboration and other tasks. It can also be used for teaching and scientific research, including Human Robot Interaction, Robot Learning, Compliant Manipulation, Man-robot Collaboration, Manipulate Cooperation, Robot Grasping (Robotic Grasping) and Multi-Modal Collaborative Assembly, etc.


Easy to use
The mobile dual-arm fusion machine uses Ridgeback to integrate with Baxter, and the whole is based on open source robots to operate ROS. It also provides a wealth of ROS function packages, and establishes and constantly updates basic knowledge in the thriving ROS community, so that you can start research faster. The system uses an open source serial protocol, and we provide API support based on C++ and Python in ROS.
High load and easy planning
Ridgeback is a medium-sized indoor mobile robot platform that uses omnidirectional wheel drive and can easily move with robotic arms and heavy objects. The omnidirectional chassis can provide precise positioning in a dynamic environment and is fully integrated with the on-board computer, front and rear laser scanners (optional) and IMU.
Trusted platform
It can be easily used in various fields of human-computer interaction, material handling, and indoors. Because of its excellent performance, it is trusted by hundreds of researchers and engineers around the world. In the research using this platform, a large number of research papers have been published, providing a reliable reference for the establishment of new robot research and development work. The versatility of Ridgeback enables unrestricted path and algorithm planning.
Flexible movement with full field of view
The integrated LIDAR and top plate are designed for unobstructed 360-degree LIDAR field of view (requires rear LIDAR). This allows Ridgeback to operate autonomously, avoid collisions, and make full use of the operability provided by its multi-function drive base to plan paths. Ridgeback is only 11 inches (30 cm) high and can be inserted into a standard 32 inches (80 cm) door. This allows Ridgeback to operate effectively in typical industrial and commercial environments without problems. It also has a passive suspension system to ensure reliable traction on ground transitions or terrain changes (ie concrete to carpet).
Customizable accessories
Our team of mobile robot experts can help you select and integrate various sensors, and successfully configure them to the robot. A variety of ROS compatible plug-and-play sensor accessories, our system integrator will provide fully integrated robots.

Technical index

Technical parameters


Max 100KG

Continuous working hours


Arm load


Collaboration performance

Flexible manipulators with limited power and strength meet the safety standards of collaborative robots. Each joint adopts series elastic drive flexible joints and has a built-in force sensor

Lithium battery capacity

DC24V100AH Scalable

Maximum moving speed

1.1 m/s

Maximum speed at the end of the arm

20 cm/s

Degrees of freedom of arms


One-arm wingspan


Configure a custom platform. Explore all accessories.

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