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Kinowa Gen2/Gen3 Robotic Arm

Kinowa Gen3

The Kinova Gen3 ultra light robot comes in two versions: 6-axis and 7-axis (DOF). Kinova Gen3 Ultra Lightweight Robot is an upgraded product of the second-generation GEN2, specifically developed for research purposes. The product supports ROS development, flexible robotic arms, comes with end effector visual sensors, infinite joint rotation, embedded controllers, and full joint built-in torque sensors, making it very suitable for mounting on mobile devices.


Lightweight body shape+embedded visual module
The GEN3 robotic arm comes in two models with 6 and 7 degrees of freedom, with a total weight of 7.2Kg and 8.2Kg, respectively. The maximum load capacity is 4Kg, and the arm span is 902mm, making it very suitable for researchers to integrate on mobile robot platforms. It is the world's first robotic arm with built-in discrete 2D and 3D visual sensors, making it very suitable for vision based robot control.
Built in ROS system
Built in ROS system, intuitive web applications can be connected from any desktop or mobile device without the need for software installation. It only takes 30 minutes to use and interact.
Diverse connections
Robots can be connected in various ways, including servo mode: bypassing the controller and directly accessing each individual actuator with a 1 kHz closing control. Optional quick connection, connecting the robot to multiple controllers as needed, each controller can be optimized for specific tasks.
Rich interfaces
GEN3 is the third-generation robotic arm of Kinowa, allowing for connection with various end effectors, instruments, and sensors. Equipped with Ethernet interface, HDMI interface, user expansion interface (GPIO, power), USB A-type interface, Micro USB interface, and power connector. Supports Wi Fi and Bluetooth.
Use Safety
The three-dimensional visualization of the safety zone is designed specifically for human-computer interaction, and safety functions can be configured as needed to avoid collisions.

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