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UnitreeRobotics A1


The A1 high-motion performance quadruped robot platform consists of a quadruped robot, a remote control and supporting remote control software. The whole machine has 12 degrees of freedom (composed of 12 high-performance servo motors). The force control technology is used to perform compound control of the force and position of each joint, so as to realize the force control of the whole machine and obtain excellent sports performance. Use streamlined mechanical structure to reduce manufacturing difficulty and improve machine reliability. The robot has reached the leading level at home and abroad in terms of structure, motion performance and cost.


Better performance
A1 has carried out function expansion and performance optimization on the basis of conventional motion; the overall optimization design has greatly reduced the cost of the quadruped robot, while also greatly improving the motion performance and service life. In sports mode, the maximum joint speed of 21rad/s enables A1 to speed up to 3.3m/s instantly, with super balance ability; 33.5NM torque makes A1 easy to realize back somersault; joint parts can be quickly disassembled, easy to maintain.
Multifunctional application
The addition of the multi-lens depth camera allows the quadruped robot platform to have real-time image transmission (image transmission quality 720P/30fps) and intelligent applications such as person following; and support secondary development.
Scalable design
Optional lidar can complete dynamic obstacle avoidance, navigation planning, autonomous positioning, map construction and other expanded functions; optional NVIDIA TX2 can perform visual SLAM, gesture recognition, and artificial intelligence research (such as machine learning).
Easy to use
A1 supports APP control of Android and IOS.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Whole machine weight (with battery)


Maximum speed

3.3 m/s

Battery life

1 hour (continuous walking); 2 hours (standing in place)

Joint speed

21 rad/s

power supply


Overall dimensions (length×width×height)

0.5*0.3*0.4m(When standing)0.45*0.3*0.15m(Folding transportation mode)

Maximum climbing angle


load capacity


Joint torque

33.5 NM

External interface

HDMI×2, Ethernet port×2, USB×4

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VLP16 line lidar

VLP16 line lidar

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