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Boston Dynamics Spot


Spot developed by Boston Dynamics is a flexible four-legged robot designed to be robust and customizable. It is very suitable for unstructured environments and is fully capable of climbing stairs and traversing rough terrain. By adding the Clearpath ROS software package for Spot, robotics researchers can immediately take advantage of the full advantages of ROS functionality and use widely available open source libraries, tools, and a larger ROS community to accelerate the development of their robotics technology.


Multifunctional application
Spot can traverse unstructured terrain, but is small enough for indoor use, so it is suitable for a variety of research applications and industries, including remote sensing and inspection, building monitoring, site documentation, radiation detection, environmental monitoring, etc.
Quick start
Our team of experienced integrators and ROS experts can help you choose the right payload configuration for your application, and can even integrate and set up a custom Spot for immediate use. Like our wheeled robots, ROS-enabled Spot comes with step-by-step tutorials and setup documents, so you can quickly start research and application development.
Scalable design
Spot is equipped with a dedicated computer, power supply and communication interface, and a flexible payload installation system, allowing you to easily integrate various sensors and components that support ROS. By integrating IMU, camera, radar, lidar, manipulator (such as Kinova Gen3 lite or HEBI arm) and custom payload, it can be fully tailored to your application.
Quick to use
Currently, Spot can work directly in ROS, so you can proceed to the next step without learning a new interface or creating your own ROS driver. By using the included ROS driver, you can unlock the ability to easily control the robot through ROS, and at the same time have access to all on-board sensor data streams, including images and point clouds from on-board cameras, as well as any other payloads you can integrate The data.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Dimensions (length X width X height)

1110mm x 500mm x 840mm

(43.3 inches x 19.7 inches x 36.1 inches)

Highest level

+/- 30°



Maximum payload

Usable 11 kg, total 14 kg (30.9 lb)

Maximum speed

1.6 m / s (3.5 miles per hour)

Running time (no payload)



24V at 150V, 12V at 150V, 5V at 10W

Drivers and API

ROS Kinetic,Melodic,C ++,Python,RViz和URDF

Configure a custom platform. Explore all accessories.

Gen3 lite




Duro GPS




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