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Velodyne Lidar


Velodyne's new VLP-16 sensor is the smallest, newest and most advanced product in the Velodyne 3D lidar product line. It is more cost-effective than similar-priced sensors, and is developed on the basis of mass production. It retains the main characteristics of Velodyne's breakthrough in lidar: real-time, 360°, 3D distance and calibrated reflection coefficient Measurement. Velodyne LiDAR's ULTRA-Puck VLP-32C is an advanced sensor that combines long-range performance with 0.33 degree vertical resolution in a compact form factor. It is a high-resolution sensor developed for automotive applications and retains the innovative breakthroughs of 3D lidar, such as a 360° real-time 3D data surround view. VLP-32C includes distance and calibrated reflection coefficient measurements under all rotation angles.


Wide field of view with enhanced dot density and range
The VLP-32C has 32 channels, a maximum range of 200 meters, and produces approximately 1.2 million points per second in the dual return mode, with a 360° horizontal field of view and a 40° vertical field of view. The denser channel distribution of the super hockey puck on the horizon enables higher resolution at longer distances; operating in dual-return mode can capture more details through 3D images; compact footprint and low weight make the sensor It is ideal for automotive applications; it is also packaged in a package that allows operation under a range of environmental conditions.
3D real-time lidar
The range of VLP-16 is 100 meters, the sensor's low power consumption (about 8W), light weight (830 grams), small footprint (about 103mm x 72mm) and dual return capabilities make it a drone and other mobile applications Ideal choice. Velodyne's LiDAR Puck supports 16 channels, about 300,000 points/sec, 360° horizontal field of view and 30° vertical field of view, with an up and down angle of ±15°. The Velodyne lidar hockey puck has no visible rotating parts, making it highly resilient in challenging environments (grade IP67).
Deal with low-reflectivity objects
Alpha Prime provides remote detection of low-reflectivity objects (such as tire fragments, black vehicles, asphalt, and pedestrians), and can realize automatic operation in a wide range of environments including urban and highway environments. As the crystallization of Velodyne's more than ten years of experience in engineering and manufacturing lidar, Alpha Prime provides power for safety and autonomy.
High perception, anti-interference
This state-of-the-art sensor produces high-quality perception under various lighting conditions, with advanced inter-sensor interference suppression, power efficiency, and thermal performance. Velodyne lidar provides the best long-range sensor to realize autonomous movement. The range of alpha primes, the world-class combination of image clarity and field of view are reliable and accurate for detecting road objects.

Technical index

Technical parameters







16 channels

Measuring range up to 100 meters

Accuracy: +/-3cm (typical)

Speed: 5-20 Hz

Integrated web server

32 channels

Measuring range: 200 m

Range accuracy: up to ±3 cm (typical value) 1

Horizontal field of view: 360°

Vertical field of view: 40°

Minimum angular resolution (vertical): 0.33°

Angular resolution (horizontal/azimuth): 0.1° to 0.4°

Speed: 5Hz to 20Hz

Integrated web server

128 channels

Measuring range: up to 245m

Range accuracy: ±3 cm (typical value) 3

Horizontal field of view: 360°

Vertical field of view: 40° (-25° to +15°)

Minimum angular resolution (vertical): 0.11°

Angular resolution (horizontal/azimuth): 0.1° to 0.4°

Frame rate: 5Hz to 20Hz

Integrated web server


Level 1-Eye Safety

Wavelength: 905nm

Level 1-Eye Safety

Wavelength: ~903nm

Level 1-Eye Safety

Wavelength: ~903nm


Power consumption: 8 W

Weight: 830 g

Environmental protection: IP67

Power consumption: 10 W

Weight: about 925 g

Environmental protection: IP67

Power consumption: 22 W

Weight: about 3.5 Kg

Environmental protection: IP67


Up to 300,000 points/sec

Ethernet connection: 100 Mbps

-Single return mode: about 600,000 points/second

-Double return mode: about 1.2 million points/second

Ethernet connection: 100 Mbps

-Single return mode: about 2.4 million points per second

-Double return mode: about 4.8 million points/sec

Ethernet connection: 1000Base-T

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