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Pepper-Res-1.8A is a humanoid dual-arm robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics in France. It was acquired by SoftBank Group in 2014. The Pepper robot is 1.21m tall and weighs 29.1Kg. Pepper has the most intuitive sensory system, sound, touch and emotion system that humans can understand. It can not only recognize the user's emotions, but also convey emotions through body language and language. Equipped with 3D camera, ultrasonic system, laser sensor, tactile sensor, IMU and other sensing units. Research directions include: machine vision, information fusion, human-computer interaction, audio processing, brain-computer interface, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, positioning and navigation, motion control, machine learning, mechatronics, intelligent system control, multi-intelligence Body (multi-machine coordination). This robot platform is the designated platform for the international ROBOCUP family group to participate in the competition.


Multimodal perception system
The Pepper robot has many sensors: two ultrasonic transmitters and receivers, six laser sensors and three obstacle detectors on his lap. These sensors provide him with information on the distance of nearby objects (with a range of 3 meters), in addition to his three cameras (two RGB cameras and a 3D camera on his head). Another sensor in the battery indicates the charge level and temperature of the battery. At the same time, his arm has a tactile sensor, which can be used for collaborative research and study with both arms.
Strong interactive performance
The chest is equipped with a touch screen display, with a human-like appearance, and a mobile-arm wheel design structure, which makes it easier to interact with humans.
The world's first emotional robot
I am a robot with emotional temperature. I have 4 directional microphones on my head, which can be used to communicate and interpret emotions. I can detect where the sound comes from, and I can locate the sound source. It also allows me to recognize your voice. The sentiment. Equipped with 1 3D camera and 2 high-definition cameras, I have the function of confirming the complex environment of the movement, and recognize the emotions on the face of my interlocutor.
Perfect software system
The supporting software includes: Choregraphe visual programming software, you only need to drag the action instruction box library to create the behavior of the robot. MONITOR software, real-time acquisition of Pepper robot sensor and joint data. The SDK development kit supports WIN, LINUX and MAC systems, supports C++, Python, java, Matlab, Net and other programming languages, and supports ROS.
Adapt to multi-scenario applications
At present, Pepper has served more than 7,500 stores, airports, business halls, catering industry, supermarkets, universities, etc. around the world. Functions can be customized according to specific scenarios. It was used in Wuhan Union Hospital in February 2020, and Tongji Tianyou Hospital acts as an intelligent medical guide to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of the new crown virus.

Technical index

Technical parameters

Technical parameter

Ø  Humanoid wheel structure;

Ø  Dimensions: 1210x480x425 mm; 29.1 kg;

Ø  Degrees of freedom: 20;

Ø  Head: 2; Arms: 8, 4 each; Hands: 4, 2 each; Legs: 3; Base: 3 omnidirectional wheels;

Ø  Battery working time: 12 hours continuous in active use state, 19 hours continuous in standby state;

Ø Moving speed: up to 2 km/hour, maximum obstacle crossing height: 1.5cm, maximum climbing angle: 5 degrees;

 Ø  Light-emitting diodes (LED) Eyes: 2 sets of 8 full-color RGB light-emitting diodes; Ears: 2 sets of 10 16-level blue light-emitting diodes; shoulders: 1 full-color RGB light-emitting diode on each side;

 Ø There are more than 100 kinds of full-body sensors, including vision sensors, sonar sensors, etc.;

 Ø Full open source programming environment

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